Alien Worlds and Lost Worlds – Exhibition Continues

Words by Shaun Smith

I opened my exhibition at Napa on February the 15th. It was quite an exciting experience. It was the first time I have displayed my work publicly in Prague. I had put a lot of effort into these paintings. I had intended to use very warm colours as much as possible because as I felt that they suited the Science Fiction/Fantasy genre far better. I think it made the work look more interesting. One of my favourite artists was Richard Corben. I always loved the way he used very hot colours. I think his influence shows in the work. Another artist I admire is Victor Moscoso. He did amazing things with shapes and colours. I was exposed to this sort of work at quite a young age so I think it filtered through so much that it became a part of me. So far there has been a favourable response. The exhibition was supposed to end on April 4th but it has been extended for another month. I was very proud of this work and I am enthusiastic about displaying in Prague again.

Footnote from Ian:

The pictures have been moved to the room just past the table football!

Napa Bar and Gallery,

Prokopská 296/8, 11800 Prague, Czech Republic



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