Military paintings

Words and images by Shaun Smith.

I was approached by a group of military enthusiasts about painting some pictures for them.  They played War Games and they covered several eras such as the Thirty Years War and the Napoleonic Wars.  Many of them had particular interests in certain Regiments such as the British 57th Regiment Of Foot.  I was commissioned to paint these regiments which was a challenge as the detail had to be precise.  This led to a greater appreciation on my part of Military History and an enthusiasm for this type of work.  Some of the military enthusiasts actually participated in re-enactments such as the Battle of Bila Hora here in Prague and commissioned me to paint them in their costumes in an historical setting.  I enjoy this type of work and am more than happy to take on this type of commission.

During the Crimea Campaign 1854-55 a lot of soldiers lost their regimental Shakos.  The blue Kilmarnock caps essentially became their replacement.  Roger Fenton’s photographs from this period show a wide use of the Kilmarnock cap.

photo 5

British 57th Regiment Of Foot (The ‘Die Hards’) about 1854-55. Gouache on Watercolour board. 30 x 40 cm. Artist, Shaun Smith.

photo 6

French Line Infantry Fusilier wearing a Forage Cap, Peninsular Campaign 1810-1811. Gouache on Watercolour board. 30cm x 40cm. Artist, Shaun Smith.

photo 7

Bohemian Mercenary about 1620 Bila Hora. Acrylic on Acrylic board. 42cm x 60 cm. Artist, Shaun Smith.


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